The PATRAN is the original, disposable slide sheet for safe-patient handling.

Slide to Safety

The PATRAN is a no-lift product. Health care workers can save their backs and prevent workplace strains and injuries by sliding their patient with a PATRAN. The PATRAN reduces friction and provides a slippery, yet safe and comfortable surface to help move patients. As a single-patient-use product, the PATRAN also helps with infection control.


Boost Your Results

Show your employees a commitment to their safety and wellness by implementing PATRAN as part of a safe patient handling program. Most health caregiver injuries come from boosting or repositioning a patient in bed or performing a lateral transfer. The PATRAN can stay with a patient throughout their hospital stay from the moment they arrive in the emergency department (or even from the moment the paramedics arrive at their home) to radiology, cath lab or surgery and onto the patient room.


Reposition Your Organization to
One Committed to Safety

Repositioning patients and lateral transfer are just the beginning of the tasks that can become easier with a PATRAN. Getting a patient out of bed to the bathroom, rehabilitation exercises, moving fallen patients or arranging linens and slings without skin shear are just some of the more advanced applications that caregivers will find with PATRAN slide technology.


About Us

PATRAN is a latex-free product made by Jamar Health Products, Inc.

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PATRAN is recyclable.

Jamar Health Products, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small Business.


New Product News

Tests show forces required to move patients up to 350 lbs. with PATRAN

It doesn’t take a major financial investment to safely move most patients. Results of a new study show that two caregivers can safely move patients weighing 300 pounds or less with the help of a PATRAN slide sheet.

Jamar Health Products, Inc., the manufacturer of PATRAN, tested how much effort it took to move a dummy of varying weights on typical medical surfaces. Because lateral transfer and boosting a patient are two of the most dangerous patient-handling tasks when done manually, the testing focused on these activities.

In addition, because the safety of log-rolling patients has been called into question by an increasing number of safe patient handling experts, we looked at the effort required to perform the “unfolding technique,” a method of inserting a PATRAN without log-rolling a patient.

The results of this study provide guidelines for how many caregivers are required to safely move a patient of certain weights on different surfaces. To view a chart of forces required, click here.

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