Home Health

Patients must obtain PATRAN® slide sheets from health care providers

Jamar Health Products, Inc., does not sell PATRAN® slide sheets direct to patients or their loved ones who may be caring for them in the home.

Patients should work with their healthcare provider to obtain PATRAN slide sheets as part of a home health care plan. The healthcare provider will provide proper instruction on how to use the safe-patient-handling devices.

We understand that home health is a growing market and many homebound patients could benefit from mobility solutions. It is important that a patient’s health care provider shows them proper use and communicates safety precautions. Your healthcare provider is the best judge of whether PATRAN slide sheets will help you improve or retain your mobility in the home setting.


PATRANapp compression hose applicator can help boost patient compliance at home

While PATRAN® slide sheets are not available for purchase by patients directly from our company, the PATRANapp compression hose applicators can be purchased by individuals for home use.

Patients who have been discharged from a hospital setting often receive orders to wear compression stockings to assist with circulation, reduce swelling, and prevent blood clots. However, pulling on compression stockings takes dexterity and strength, so much so that many patients and their caregivers simply give up and stop using them.

Purchasing a PATRANapp can make getting stockings on the patient much easier for the family or homecare assistants. If the patient has the ability to reach his or her feet but lacks arm/hand strength, they may be able to use the PATRANapp to put on his or her own hose.

Click here to see a video on how to use the PATRANapp to apply and remove compression hose, or email orders@patran.net to place an order.