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Slide to Safety

The PATRAN is a no-lift product. Health care workers can save their backs and prevent workplace strains and injuries by sliding their patient with a PATRAN. The PATRAN reduces friction and provides a slippery, yet safe and comfortable surface to help move patients. As a single-patient-use product, the PATRAN also helps with infection control.


Boost Your Results

Show your employees a commitment to their safety and wellness by implementing PATRAN as part of a safe patient handling program. Most health caregiver injuries come from boosting or repositioning a patient in bed or performing a lateral transfer. The PATRAN can stay with a patient throughout their hospital stay from the moment they arrive in the emergency department (or even from the moment the paramedics arrive at their home) to radiology, cath lab or surgery and onto the patient room.


Reposition Your Organization to
One Committed to Safety

Repositioning patients and lateral transfer are just the beginning of the tasks that can become easier with a PATRAN. Getting a patient out of bed to the bathroom, rehabilitation exercises, moving fallen patients or arranging linens and slings without skin shear are just some of the more advanced applications that caregivers will find with PATRAN slide technology.


News and Updates

PATRAN® slide sheets can help move people quickly, safely when disaster strikes

Greendale, Wis. – The wildfires in California, earthquake in Mexico, and hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico challenged emergency responders and reminded people that disasters can strike at any time. This past year saw a significant number of natural disasters, as well as many man-made emergencies in the forms of shootings, demonstrating the importance of emergency preparedness.

The PATRAN® slide sheet can provide an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool to move sick, elderly, wounded, or immobilized patients during a crisis. The single-patient, multiple-use slide sheet reduces friction and shear, so caregivers can quickly move patients without injuring themselves.

The PATRAN®, made by Jamar Health Products, Inc., can be used to laterally transfer patients between surfaces, drag a fallen patient to a lift device, assist patients in or out of vehicles, and more. They are lightweight and compact, so they can easily be stored in supply carts or ambulances.
Disaster planning is a hot topic right now as Nov. 16 marked the start of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Emergency Preparedness Rule.1     Continue Reading >>

NIOSH study shows EMS workers injured handling patients

Emergency medical service workers put themselves at risk for bodily harm each day moving patients and most do it without safe patient handling equipment. A new report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows a number of these medical professionals are ending up in the very emergency departments where they typically deliver patients.

More than 22,000 EMS workers visit emergency departments each year for work-related injuries including assaults, falls, motor vehicle accidents and body motion incidents. Under the category of body motion, excessive physical effort, repetitive movements and awkward postures are among the causes of injury the PATRAN® slide sheets can help prevent.

“Research shows that EMS workers have higher rates of work-related injuries than the general workforce and three times the lost workday rate of all private-industry workers,” according to results of  NIOSH.

PATRAN® slide sheets can make patient handling tasks easier, including lateral transfers, body repositioning and moving fallen patients.

Understanding why injuries occur and what solutions are available to prevent repeated incidents will prove key to keeping EMS workers healthy and safe going forward, the report said.

A few other key findings:

  • Sprains and strains to the back and neck ranked as the most frequent injury.
  • Most were injured responding to a 9-1-1 call that called for patient care and transport.
  • Protecting workers and promoting safety through workplace policies, programs and equipment and requiring safe patient handling practices would reduce injuries.

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