From lavender to blue, but that’s all that’s new!

Customers that buy the PATRANxs, the 36-inch by 32-inch slide sheet, from Jamar Health Products, Inc., will notice a change in color.

Going forward, PATRANxs slide sheets (product no. 9172) is royal blue. Previously the product color was lavender.

We tested this change in early 2016 and got positive feedback from customers. The change keeps with are traditional PATRAN colors and allows for more cost-efficient production.

While the product color has changed the product design and performance will remain the same. The PATRANxs is still a tube with open ends that moves in all directions. Use these single-patient, multiple use slide sheets for a variety of safe patient and mobility tasks.

If you have any questions regarding these changes with PATRANxs®, please email or call (414) 529-5175.


Made in the USA

Here at Jamar Health Products, Inc. we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. For the past several years that has meant working to move all our manufacturing to the USA. I am pleased to share that we have now accomplished that goal.

If you previously purchased PATRAN® 8377A (blue 72”x36” slide sheet) or PATRAN 8378A (lime green 72”x36” slide sheet) just drop the “A” from your product number. The PATRANapp will be sold under one product number, 5134.

We are proud to say our products are “Made in the USA,” and we hope this will give your organization an added reason to use PATRAN slide products for safe patient handling and mobility tasks.

If you have any questions regarding PATRAN® products, please email or call (414) 529-5175.


No need to log-roll when inserting PATRAN slide sheet under patient

Safe patient handling experts have questioned whether log-rolling patients puts caregivers at unnecessary risk and exceeds the weight and forces associated with safely moving patients.

Due its size and the thin, yet strong-and-slippery material, a PATRAN slide sheet can be inserted under a patient in multiple ways that do not require log-rolling.

One method is to simply tuck it under a patient. Another method allows caregivers to unfold it under a patient (some people may call it unrolling), which doesn’t require caregivers to put their hands under a patient. To see a video demonstrating the unfolding technique, click here >>

Increasing research has shown log-rolling should be avoided in patients who have spinal and pelvis injuries or who have incurred trauma. Log-rolling can not only cause further injury but it can disrupt the body’s homeostasis causing blood pressure to rise and altered state of consciousness in trauma patients.

For other patients, log-rolling can cause fear, discomfort or pain. It can may also put strain on the caregiver.

Some caregivers have named log-rolling as a barrier to using safe patient handling equipment. If they have to log-roll patients – a task some consider manual handling – to insert slide sheets, they may be more likely to forgo using assistive devices all together for tasks such as laterally transfer or repositioning patients.


New Product News : SlideShield®  

The makers of the PATRAN® slide sheet are introducing a slick new product, SlideShield, for the radiology department. 

 Protect x-ray cassettes from bodily fluids and prevent cross-infection with SlideShield cassette covers. The single-patient-use product is made of a recyclable plastic, which is latex-free and contains an anti-stat. 

 The clear bags are slippery to make it easier to get the portable x-ray cassette under a patient. Used in conjunction with a PATRAN, the slip is increased exponentially and the RAD tech has a much easier task inserting a portable cassette. An increasing number of radiology workers are reporting back, neck, shoulder and arm injuries associated with inserting a cassette.. 

 For information on how to order SlideShield, go to the Contact Us page.