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JAMAR Health Products: A family owned, small business


Jamar Health Products Inc. created the PATRAN®, the original disposable slide sheet. After 35 years in business, the company now sells the largest variety of sizes and styles of single-patient-use slide sheets for safe patient handling.

In 1981, engineer James Scott learned of a well-known health system in the Midwest that was starting to see more larger-sized patients but was having trouble moving them from surface to surface. Nurses were using garbage bags to help with the task, but they experienced a number of problems. For instance, the garbage bags gave off static shocks and stretched and tore easily.

James put his engineering talents to work and came up with a product that met their needs. Although it’s called a slide sheet, the PATRAN design is actually a tube, allowing the top layer to slide on the lower layer. At the time the PATRAN (pronounced PAY-tran) debuted, it was used for lateral transfer. The name came from the words “patient transfer.”

James and his wife, Mary, created the company, Jamar Health Products Inc.

In the 1980s, a few hospitals showed interest in protecting their employees who worked in their operating rooms from injuries incurred while moving patients. Fewer still showed interest in single-patient-use products.  As a result, PATRAN sales got off to a slow start. New customers usually came when caregivers left the prestigious health system and relocated to another hospital, bringing their knowledge of the PATRAN with them.

During the next couple of decades, caregivers started to use PATRAN slide sheets for boosting and in-bed repositioning, tasks they found were also causing injuries. Because the PATRAN slides in all directions, the ways to use it began to grow.

Fast forward to the early 2000s when the Veterans Health Administration started to publish research showing that patient-handling injuries were rampant among U.S. healthcare workers. An annual safe patient handling conference was launched to educate the healthcare industry about ways to protect its workers. Jamar started exhibiting the PATRAN at the conference and found an enthusiastic audience for our low-cost and versatile solution.

As healthcare facilities nationwide started buying PATRAN slide sheets, caregivers including nurses, physical therapists, and safe patient handling coordinators started getting creative. Jamar credits their ingenuity for coming up with many of the more than 20 ways to use the PATRAN for safe patient handling and mobility.

As the demand for PATRAN slide sheets grew, the Scott daughters, Stefanie and Shannon, got involved in the business. Soon, the company’s offerings expanded from the original royal blue 72x36-inch, single-patient-use slide sheet to a number of different colors, sizes, and styles.

Stefanie and Shannon took over the business from their parents, making Jamar a women-owned business. In 2013, Stefanie Scott took the helm of the company as president. James remains involved in product development and training.

Jamar Health Products Inc. is located in Greendale, Wisconsin.



Stefanie Scott oversees all of Jamar's operations with specific focus on sales, product development and education. She has earned her certification from the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals and serves as co-chair of its marketing committee.



Matthew Rogaczewski leads the inventory, accounting, and personnel management operations for Jamar Health Products, Inc.  He continues his education in the fields of business accounting and information technology. 



Samantha Koehn oversees all of Jamar's marketing and communications with specific focus on graphic design, social media, and web design.  She is a member of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals marketing committee and has earned a double degree in both marketing and finance.