Lateral Transfer


  1. patran lateral transferFollow your hospital safety procedures for patient moving.
  2. With the patient on a bed or cart:
  3. Free the sheet from under the mattress or pad on all sides.
  4. Move the bed and/or carts as close together as possible and LOCK THE WHEELS.
  5. With one person on each side of the patient and using the sheet, log roll him on his side. (Note that the rail is not shown but should be up on the side that the patient is being rolled towards). If the patient cannot be log rolled, tuck the PATRAN under the sheet in a similar manner to changing sheets.
  6. Place the PATRAN next to the patient between the sheet and the mattress or cart pad. The rest of the PATRAN should be on the surface that the patient is being moved to. Extremely large patients may require two PATRANs side by side.
  7. Bridge any gaps with pillows or rolled blankets.
  8. patran lateral transferRoll the patient on his back over part of the PATRAN. The PATRAN should now be under half the patient or more.
  9. If the patient is too tall to fit on the PATRAN, someone should hold up his head or feet.
  10. Reach across the bed or cart onto which the patient is to be moved and grasp the rolled edge of the sheet he is lying on.
  11. Pull on the sheet at just below the patient’s hip and at his shoulder level moving him onto the surface next to you (consult your safety or ergonomics advisors on the best posture for pulling).
  12. Note that the person on the opposite side should push just below the patient’s hip and shoulder to aid in the move. Adjust the place of pushing to avoid any patient injured or painful area.
  13. patran lateral transferLeave the PATRAN under the patient if another move is anticipated. It can be left under him for X-ray and/or other non–sterile procedures.
  14. To remove the PATRAN, roll the patient onto his side. Starting with one end, slide your hand under the sheet and grasp the rolled far edge of the PATRAN. Gently pull the PATRAN out. Continually re-grip the PATRAN on the far rolled edge as it comes out.
  15. Fold the PATRAN and store it near the patient for reuse with that patient or throw it away (per established policy).