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PATRAN® Uses for Bariatric Care

It’s important to plan in advance for admitting bariatric patients.1 Jamar Health Products, Inc., offers the PATRANbari® slide sheet to help move larger patients.

Bariatric patients are no longer few and far between, but many healthcare facilities are equipped as if this patient population remains rare. One bariatric patient room or one piece of equipment often doesn’t provide adequate coverage for an entire facility.

In fact, research shows many larger patients don’t show up for routine and preventive health care. There are a number of factors influencing these decision, and the lack of adequate patient handling equipment plays a role.

Patient dignity is key to patient satisfaction. When caregivers struggle to lift and move a patient of size, it can make the patient concerned about hurting the caregiver(s) or getting hurt themselves.

Another factor to consider is that a majority of patients of size present with multiple health conditions and mobility issues. Certain patient handling tasks can actually affect a bariatric patient’s existing pain or discomfort, joint instability, edema, poor skin integrity, unstable spine, osteoporosis, fractures, or respiratory and/or cardiac problems.1 Having a PATRAN® ready to help them pivot in or out of a vehicle, move back onto an exam table, or perform therapy exercises can give the patient comfort and reassurance.

Unfortunately, fear and embarrassment keep a number of obese patients from getting care until a health emergency occurs.2 If the patient has fallen, emergency responders can use the PATRANbari to slide the patient onto a sling, jack, or other lift device. If they are in bed, on a piece of furniture, or in a vehicle, a PATRAN can be used to slide them onto a cot.

Each patient of size can receive a PATRANbari upon admission to the hospital. There are no weight limits* on PATRAN slide sheets, but, at 78”x45”, the PATRANbari provides more width and length for coverage.

It can be used to laterally transfer or reposition and pivot a patient in lying or seated positions. In addition, a PATRANbari can be used help a patient in a sit-to-stand lift or walk-assist device center herself/himself on a commode.

Evidence showing the benefits of mobility in patient recovery and care only continues to grow.3 PATRAN slide sheets can aid with mobility tasks.

Bariatric patients have proven especially at risk of health complications during hospital stays. Skin conditions, fluid retention, and poor circulation are not uncommon. Turning and repositioning patients and getting the patients moving becomes even more important to prevent or treat complications.


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*While Jamar Health Products Inc. does not put weight limits on PATRAN slide sheets, your healthcare facility may set weight limit policies as it deems appropriate.


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