Patient Care Areas - Labor and Delivery

PATRAN® Uses for Labor and Delivery

From repositioning patients to the foot of the bed for delivery to transferring C-section patients onto a surgical table, PATRAN® slide sheets can make it safer for caregivers to move patients in labor or post-delivery – and make it more comfortable for the patient as well..

Labor and delivery nurses perform a number of high-frequency, high-risk patient handling tasks.1 Using a PATRAN slide sheet during such tasks can reduce exertion levels that put caregivers at risk for injury.

For instance, when it comes to an emergency during labor, such as the need for an unplanned C-section, a patient can easily and comfortably be transferred from bed to cart or cart to procedure table. No log-rolling is required, which can prove essential when it comes to the positioning of the baby and the health of the baby and mother.

A patient experiencing severe labor pain may request an epidural. A PATRAN can be used to help the mother-to-be into the side-lying position so the epidural can be administered.

After the epidural takes effect, positioning a patient becomes more challenging because the patient can no longer assist.2 Caregivers can use the PATRAN to make in-bed repositioning during labor easier.

The PATRAN also can help patients who have mobility issues – whether resulting from pregnancy or another medical or physical condition – reposition themselves more easily during labor. Pivoting in and out of bed requires less exertion when the low-friction PATRAN is in place beneath the patient, assisting the patient in tasks like getting up for a walk.

Because the PATRAN is an inexpensive single-patient-use or disposable device, it makes sense for the labor and delivery area. After the delivery, simply dispose of the PATRAN. If the patient continues to need assistance with mobility post-delivery, a fresh PATRAN slide sheet can be used for the remainder of their stay at the hospital.

In the post-delivery period, the PATRAN®app compression hose applicator can assist new mothers dealing with swelling or circulation issues with putting on stockings.


1Stichler JF, et al. Understanding risks of workplace injury in labor and delivery. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing 2012;41(1): 71-81.

2Nelson A, et al. The illustrated guide to safe patient handling & movement. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co., 2009.


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