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PATRAN® Uses for Radiology

Jamar Health Products offers PATRAN® slide sheets for the radiology department.

They are made with material that is radiolucent and latex free and contain an anti-stat.

PATRAN protects radiology staff from injuries. It reduces friction to help laterally transfer a patient comfortably from a cart to the radiology table. PATRAN also comes in handy to position patients in all directions on CT and MRI machines. Don’t lift, just slide.

PATRAN provides a more comfortable and safe way to move patients. When inserting the PATRAN, it is not necessary to log-roll most patients. Often when patients come into radiology, they are fragile from broken bones or internal injuries, or the condition of the patient is not yet known. There is a heightened need to keep a patient still and comfortable.

Traditionally, many radiology departments have used slideboards to help move patients. Anyone who has had a hard, plastic board shoved under them can appreciate the difference a, soft, flexible PATRAN can provide. In addition, the anti-stat in PATRAN will prevent shocks and there is no need to clean PATRAN after use. If it’s soiled, the PATRAN is inexpensive to dispose of and replace.

The traditional PATRAN at a size of 36-inches by 72-inches works for moving most patients, but a larger size, the PATRANbari® at 78-inches by 45-inches is available. PATRAN also makes performing portable x-rays easier, especially on sticky pressure distribution mattresses. Sliding the cassette between PATRAN layers makes for a smoother move for the RAD tech and a more comfortable experience for the patient.



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