PATRANxs – 39inch Slide Sheets

PATRANxs is a shorter version of the popular PATRAN®. It comes in a royal blue color and unfolds to 39 inches long.

The PATRANxs may be preferred in surgery, labor and delivery, and endoscopy. In those departments, there are a number of caregivers involved who can hold the patient’s head and feet during repositioning and transfer.

Other areas where PATRANxs may provide helpful:

  • Pediatric care, where there are smaller patients.
  • Rehab and therapy for working with specific limbs.
  • Inserting portable x-ray cassette behind patients.
  • Helping seated patients in and out of vehicles.

In some cases, the PATRANxs is the preferred slide sheet for all healthcare departments.

* PATRANxs comes packaged 50 per box.


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