Frequently Asked Questions

Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

How do PATRAN® slide sheets assist with health care worker safety?

PATRAN® slide sheets reduce friction for more than 25 safe patient-handling and mobility tasks, meaning less force is required by health care workers. They are no-lift devices; health care workers simply slide their patients with a PATRAN. Patients also may be able to mobilize themselves with aid from PATRAN, meaning less effort by a health care worker.

Is there a patient weight limit when it comes to using PATRAN® slide sheets?

There is no weight limit for moving a patient with PATRAN® slide sheets because these friction-reducing devices should never be used to lift patients. Rather, use PATRAN to slide patients. While research shows most patients weighing 300 pounds or less can be moved safely with two health care workers and a PATRAN that is 72 inches or longer, larger patients will require more staff to assist. Your health care organization may have its own guidelines as to patient weight limit and medical condition when choosing safe patient handling and mobility equipment. Consult your safety leaders for specifics.

Can a patient be lifted with PATRAN® slide sheets?

No. PATRAN® slide sheets are designed to slide patients. Our slogan is Slide to Safety.

What if the patient cannot be logrolled to insert a PATRAN® slide sheet?

Insert the PATRAN® slide sheet under the patient using one of the other non-logroll methods listed in the instructions portal.

Why should we use PATRAN® slide sheets when we already have other safe patient-handling and mobility equipment?

A well-rounded safe patient-handling and mobility program has multiple tools to provide options depending on patients’ mobility. PATRAN® slide sheets are a no-lift product; they are used to reduce friction when sliding patients in any direction. In addition to being a go-to safe patient-handling and mobility device, PATRAN slide sheets also serve as an accessory to other safe patient-handling and mobility products, like helping to insert slings or air-assisted devices and helping with early mobility training when patients are in harnesses or vertical beds.

How many health care workers does it take to reposition or transfer a patient?

Use at least two people to transfer a patient with a PATRAN® slide sheet. Add staff if the patient weighs more than 300 lbs.
While most dependent patients require two people for repositioning with a PATRAN, there are variations for patients with some mobility that need only one person.
Consult your safety staff for specifics in your organization.

Patient Safety and Comfort

Can I move patients using PATRAN® slide sheets without linen?

Our definition of linen is broad and can be anything from bed sheets to launderable or disposable underpads, blankets, deflated air-assisted devices, repositioning slings and more.

It is common – and can make the move easier to perform and more comfortable for the patient – while using linen with PATRAN® slide sheets. However, you can move a patient using PATRAN slide sheets without linen.

If linen is not available, use two PATRAN slide sheets directly on top of each other. Treat the top PATRAN as linen when following the techniques for lateral transfer and repositioning.

Can a PATRAN® slide sheet be left underneath the patient?

You must attend patients with a PATRAN® slide sheet under them because these friction-reducing devices are slippery, creating a fall hazard.

PATRAN slide sheet don’t breathe so they should not remain underneath the patient more than four hours. If the PATRAN will remain underneath the patient for an extended period, like for a procedure, there should be a linen between the patient and PATRAN.

Product Design and Details

Are PATRAN® slide sheets a new product?

No. We have produced and sold PATRAN® slide sheets for more than 40 years. Starting with the original disposable slide sheet, we sell a variety of friction-reducing styles for safe patient handling and mobility. We invented this technology and have the expertise that lends itself to the number of different uses within various patient care areas.

Why do PATRANpro® slide sheets have two different product numbers?

PATRANpro® slide sheets come in blue or green. There is no other difference than color.

What’s the difference between green PATRANpro® and PATRANsolo® slide sheets?

PATRANsolo® slide sheets are the green PATRANpro® slide sheets individually wrapped.

Are PATRAN® products made in the USA?

Yes. All PATRAN® products are made in the USA.

Can PATRAN® slide sheets be used with patients during imaging?

Yes. PATRAN® slide sheets are radiolucent and have tested MR safe with no metal.

Do PATRAN® slide sheets contain latex?

No. PATRAN® slide sheets do not contain latex. They are latex-free devices.

Why is there no printing on PATRAN® slide sheets?

PATRAN® slide sheets are universally slippery, flat tubes that move in all directions, easily sliding laterally, horizontally and diagonally, for more than 25 tasks. Because there are so many uses for PATRAN, we do not print instructions on each slide sheet. Also, printing can reduce the overall slip. Check out our Product Education page for resources.

Can PATRAN® slide sheets be recycled?

Yes. PATRAN® slide sheets are made of a #2 plastic and can be comingled with other plastics, depending on the recycler, if they are not contaminated with biohazardous materials and are within acceptable contamination levels. Check with your environmental services department about how your facility processes plastic film.

Are PATRAN® slide sheets biodegradable?

No. Products can either be biodegradable or recyclable. PATRAN® slide sheets are recyclable. Some recyclers can process PATRAN slide sheets comingled with other plastics.

How is a PATRAN® slide sheet different from a garbage bag?

Garbage bags aren’t approved for safe patient handling and mobility and can stretch or cause shocks. An injury sustained while using a garbage bag likely won’t be covered by workers’ compensation.

Some health care professionals will remember using garbage bags to move patients. Some still might use them, but the risks of doing so include injury to themselves and their patients.

Though they may look similar to garbage bags, PATRAN® slide sheets are made of materials deemed safe for patients that are slipperier and have better anti-static properties. PATRAN slide sheets are registered with the FDA for moving patients.

Infection control

Are PATRAN® slide sheets disposable?

PATRAN® slide sheets are for single-patient use, so they are disposable. However, they are reusable – about 50 times with a specific patient – which is an advantage over one-time use disposable products.

Because you dispose of PATRAN slide sheets, you don’t have the drawbacks of launderable or wipeable products to prevent infection. Staff save time by not having to clean PATRAN between patients and don’t have to question whether the device has been adequately disinfected before use. PATRAN users also don’t have to track down slide sheets that get lost in the laundry or pay a high price to replace them if they get ruined during laundering.

Can a PATRAN® slide sheet be used for more than one patient?

No. Use each PATRAN® slide sheet with one specific patient to prevent cross-infection. PATRAN may be used multiple times with an individual patient.

How many times can a PATRAN® slide sheet be used with the same patient?

About 50 times. PATRAN® slide sheets may get small tears and holes during use. Insertion methods, like tucking, pose more of a risk for damage. However, minor tears will not prevent PATRAN from working correctly. When used properly, PATRAN slide sheets seldom completely rip.

What should be done if a PATRAN® slide sheet gets soiled?

If the PATRAN® slide sheet is significantly soiled, replace it. Spot clean slightly soiled PATRAN slide sheets with standard hospital disinfectants.

Are PATRAN® slide sheets sterile?

No. PATRAN® slide sheets are clean, but not sterile.

Education and Training

Is training available?

Yes. We offer product education resources. Request access to our instructions portal for our library of videos and training literature. In-service training is also available. To schedule a session, contact us.

Are there specific product information materials available?

Yes. For details on specific PATRAN® products, check out our products page. For safety and environmental data, contact us.


Who can buy PATRAN® slide sheets?

PATRAN® slide sheets are for use by health care and other professionally trained individuals. Professional health care and related organizations can purchase PATRAN slide sheets and must provide training for any staff and nonemployees who will use them. Some examples include hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, emergency medical services and nursing training programs.

How are PATRAN® products packaged?

PATRAN® slide sheets are compactly folded in boxes with a perforated tab to easily remove an individual slide sheet. Any PATRAN style box fits into our PATRAN dispenser.

PATRANsolo® slide sheets (#9179) are compactly folded and individually wrapped within the perforated box.

The PATRAN®app compression hose applicator (#5134) is individually wrapped and comes in a box of 25.

How do we order PATRAN® products?

Send a purchase order to The purchase order should include:

  • Product and quantity
  • Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Third-party freight carrier account number (FedEx, UPS, etc.), if available
  • Purchase order number or name of person receiving the invoice/shipment

Or call (414) 529-5175 or fax (414) 529-3433 to submit your order.

What is the shipping lead time for PATRAN® products?

Most orders ship the same or next business day. We ship F.O.B. Origin, typically FedEx or UPS, unless the customer requests another method.

What is your return policy?

Jamar Health Products warrants that all products will:

  • Be free from any defects in workmanship, material and design. Jamar will provide no-cost replacement for defective product up to one year from ship date.
  • Conform to applicable specifications specified by purchase order. Jamar will provide no-cost replacement for nonconforming product up to 30 days from ship date.

To report a warranty issue or request a return, contact for authorization.

Company Information

Is Jamar Health Products a diverse supplier?

Yes. We are a certified women-owned small business.