So many ways to use PATRAN® Slide Sheets

When developing the original disposable slide sheet, the intended purpose was to help with lateral transfer. The name PATRAN (pronounced PAY-tran) reflects that with a mashup of the words ”patient” and ”transfer.”

Over the decades, PATRAN slide sheets have become the go-to tool for more than 25 different patient-handling and mobility tasks. Slippery tubes that move in all directions, PATRAN slide sheets reduce friction and provide a SPHM solution for a growing number of activities across the continuum of care.

Slide to Safety

Patient-handling tasks with the highest injury risk are lateral transfer and repositioning/boosting. PATRAN provides an SPHM solution for these activities and more.

  • Lateral transfer to/from most surfaces (supine, head elevated, slide board- or roller board-style, etc.)

  • Repositioning – boosting (variations based on patient mobility)

  • Repositioning – turning (variations based on patient mobility)

  • Prone positioning

  • Inserting Items (linens, slings, air-assisted devices, imaging devices, etc.)

  • Physical therapy, rehabilitation and mobility (getting in and out of bed; strength, endurance and range-of-motion exercises; etc.)

  • Activities of daily living (getting dressed, putting on compression garments or shoes, bathroom assistance)

  • Fall recovery

  • Specialty uses in various patient care areas


Patient, Environmental Considerations

PATRAN slide sheets’ versatility and design allow you to take into account your patient’s medical condition, room layout, equipment and surfaces.

For example, though logrolling is a well-known method of slide sheet insertion and removal, it can lead to long-term wear of caregivers’ bodies and may be contraindicated for certain patients. Alternate insertion methods that don’t require logrolling – unfolding, tucking and burrito roll methods – may be preferred. Removing PATRAN does not require logrolling a patient.

New Uses

Learn how to use PATRAN for other SPHM tasks.

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Patient Care Areas

Safely move and mobilize patients in most patient care areas.