Product Warnings

PATRAN® Slide Sheets Product Warnings

Our product warnings guide safe PATRAN® slide sheets use. Review the product warnings before using PATRAN slide sheets.

PATRAN slide sheets are for use by health care and other professionally trained individuals. Professional health care and related organizations that purchase PATRAN slide sheets must provide training for any staff and nonemployees who will use them. Training should reference the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation or Liberty Mutual’s Manual Materials Handling Standards.

Jamar Health Products offers various training resources to assist professional health care and related organizations mitigate injury risk to PATRAN slide sheet users and their patients.

  • Use each PATRAN® slide sheet with one specific patient to prevent cross-infection. PATRAN® may be used multiple times with an individual patient.
  • Keep PATRAN® slide sheets away from individuals at risk for self-harm, children and animals to prevent suffocation.
  • Keep PATRAN® slide sheets away from open wounds.
  • Do not use PATRAN® slide sheets to lift patients. Slide with PATRAN® slide sheets.
  • Lock wheels of all equipment before performing a patient-handling or mobility task with PATRAN® slide sheets.
  • Use at least two caregivers when transferring a patient between surfaces with PATRAN® slide sheets.
  • Bridge any gaps between surfaces wider than 4 inches to prevent falls when transferring a patient with a PATRAN® slide sheet.
  • Place linen between the patient and PATRAN® slide sheet for transport. Raise equipment rails and create pocket by elevating head and feet.
  • To prevent sliding when tilting the surface, secure the patient or remove the PATRAN® slide sheet.
  • Remove PATRAN® slide sheets from underneath unattended patients.
  • Remove PATRAN® slide sheets from the floor to avoid slipping.
  • Replace PATRAN® slide sheets when they are contaminated or lose slip.

PATRAN slide sheets product warnings flyers are available for download in English and Spanish.