PATRAN® Dispensers

Our dispenser holds one box of any PATRAN® style, and it can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface, making PATRAN slide sheets easily accessible for staff.

Placing patient-handling equipment near staff and patients increases the likelihood of use and compliance with your safe patient-handling and mobility initiatives. PATRAN slide sheet use helps prevent employee injuries and workers’ compensation-related costs while protecting patients from skin shear and promoting mobility.

Made in the USA, our dispensers are recyclable.

  • PATRAN Dispenser (clear plastic, 11.5”x9.5”x4”) – #9622

PATRAN dispensers are sold individually or by case of six.

Health care professional wearing scrubs holding removing a green PATRANsolo slide sheet from a PATRAN dispenser.
Jamar Health Products are Made in the USA

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Other PATRAN® Styles

Product shot -- PATRANpro

PATRANpro® slide sheets

Product shot -- PATRANbari

PATRANbari® slide sheets

Product shot -- PATRANxs

PATRAN®xs slide sheets

Product shot -- PATRANsolo

PATRANsolo® slide sheets

Product shot -- PATRANapp

PATRAN®app compression hose applicators