PATRANsolo® Slide Sheets

PATRANsolo® slide sheets are individually wrapped PATRANpro® slide sheets. You get the same benefits of our original full-size, friction-reducing device with bonus infection control as PATRANsolo slide sheets remain unexposed until opened by a health care professional.

While popular in isolation areas where infection control is heightened, some organizations prefer PATRANsolo slide sheets facilitywide. And where space is limited and equipment weight crucial, like for ground and air ambulance use, place 3-ounce PATRANsolo slide sheets in vehicles or medical response supply bags.

There is no weight limit for PATRAN® slide sheets as they are a no-lift product. Disposable, PATRANsolo slide sheets are durable enough for use up to 50 times with a single patient.

  • PATRANsolo (green, 72″x36″, individually packaged) – #9179

PATRANsolo slide sheets are sold 25/box. A case is six boxes.

Health care professional wearing scrubs holding green PATRANsolo slide sheet.

Single Patient, Multiple Uses

Use PATRANsolo to slide patients or help patients move themselves. PATRANsolo also works as an accessory with slings, air-assisted devices and other equipment.

  • Lateral transfer with head flat or elevated
  • Boosting and repositioning in all directions
  • Inserting linens, slings, imaging devices, etc.
  • Mobility activities and therapy exercises
  • Fall recovery
  • Vehicle extraction
  • And more

As creators of the original disposable slide sheet, we have the expertise to support caregivers with instructions and training on the variety of uses for PATRAN slide sheets.

For how-to videos and other product education resources, check out our instructions portal. For information about training sessions, view our product education page. Before using PATRAN slide sheets, review our product warnings.

Health care professional wearing scrubs holding green PATRANsolo slide sheet.

Patient Care Areas

Just about every patient care area faces safe patient-handling and mobility challenges, and uses for PATRAN slide sheets have expanded to meet the specific practices.

  • Medical-surgical units
  • Critical care/Progressive care units
  • Emergency department
  • Emergency medical services
  • Radiology, imaging and interventional procedures
  • Surgery and endoscopy
  • Labor and delivery
  • Pediatrics
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Hospice/palliative care
  • Postmortem care

Read more about specialty uses for PATRAN slide sheets in different patient care areas.






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MR safe



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