Slide Sheet Whitepapers & Case Studies

Surface Design Impacts Force to Move Patients
Jamar tested force required to move patients with PATRAN slide sheets on common medical surfaces. Results provide insight on how many caregivers are needed to safely move patients for a number of tasks based on the surface design.


Applying COF to Slide Sheet Selection
Coefficient of Friction alone doesn’t define slide sheet performance. Understanding differences in testing, reporting COF, as well as how other design factors play a part in real clinical applications are important indicators.


Start SPHM Smart With PATRAN
The low-cost, compact size and product versatility make PATRAN slide sheets an easy choice when starting safe patient handling within a healthcare organization. Usage can result in reduced direct and indirect workers’ compensation costs.


Bed position impacts sliding, skin condition
There is a relationship between a patient sliding down in bed and skin shear. Understanding the cause and effect makes it easier to understand the importance of repositioning and using SPHM equipment.